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Wall Mounted Television Installations

LCD, LED and Plasma TV Mounting Service

We specialise in the installation of Plasma, LCD & LED Screen equipment. Combining leading edge product expertise with the latest technology and creative, customised service support, Get My TV Sorted provides innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of your home or business.

Get My TV Sorted can advise, supply and install all your visual requirements including Plasma, LCD & LED as well as supply and install wall mount brackets. We can advise you on the best set up for High definition broadcasts ensuring you enjoy the benefits HD has to offer.

Our installation technicians are well trained and experienced in the installation of Plasma Screens, LCD & LED screens and surround sound.

Screens larger than about 31inch may be too heavy to be fitted to a plasterboard wall without any reinforcement, please call us so we can explain how it’s been done. Our experienced installers are able to mount any screen to any wall. Remember that even small flat screens, especially plasma screens, are heavy, so fixing of the screen brackets requires extreme care and the correct fixings, to ensure your screen stays on the wall. On average you spend 7-10 years in front of your television set, let us the professionals mount it correctly.

  • What Our Installer Will Do:
  • What's Not Included:
  • Wall-Mounting – General Exclusions & Caveats
Decide with you the best location for mounting the TV (see “important notes” below).
Carefully attach the bracket to the wall using fixings appropriate for your wall.
Attach up to 3m of high-quality trunking to the wall directly below the TV and insert the cables. An RF aerial cable is included in the price.
Attach the TV to the bracket and connect the TV to a maximum of three existing devices – these could be a DVD player, set–top box or satellite system, using existing cables or cables that have been purchased.
Tune the TV to appropriate sources and give you a demonstration of the key features of the TV.

*Important notes:

Mounting TVs on a wall is a specialist activity. The construction and condition of the walls may restrict or prevent the installation. We do not recommend mounting TVs above active fireplaces. Longer or extension cables for connecting equipment (e.g. Scart or HDMI leads) are not included in the cost. You are recommended to purchase these in advance, although the installer will carry some stock with him for purchase on-site.

The TV or wall bracket, any extension leads or cables, or specialist non-standard materials.
The installation point needs to be near a suitable power socket. We will not move any sockets (power/telephone/other), or change any cabling that was put in by someone else like Sky or BT.
Moving fittings, fixtures or heavy items of furniture.
We cannot move any existing wiring, such as electrical wires, BT or Sky wiring.

The customer is responsible for providing any long or extension cables needed to connect to existing power points or sources.

The installer can provide long or extension cables, cable couplers etc at competitive prices. The installers will aim to minimise the amount of dust generated, but covering or removing furniture, carpets etc is recommended!.

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tv aerials

TV Aerial Installation

Get My TV Sorted focus on providing professional TV aerial installations with a range of high end digital TV aerials, and DAB Digital Radio Aerials.

sky tv

Sky TV Installation

Get My TV Sorted engineers are expert installers, and can completely customise each Sky installation, as personally tailored to your needs.

freesat installer

Freesat Installation

All our engineers are Freesat installation specialists, and can install or repair a Freesat satellite system of your choice.
Freesat requires NO monthly subscription

freeview tv installers

Freeview Installation

Freeview equipment can be self-installed (or you can contact us). You connect your digital box to your existing TV and rooftop aerial or just connect the digital TV direct to your aerial.

european satellite installer

European TV Installation

Specialists in the supply and installation of digital receiver systems for European satellite TV systems, we can adapt the satellite dish to receive TV channels from many countries

tv wall mounting services

TV Wall Mounting

We specialise in the installation of Plasma and LCD Screen equipment. Combining leading edge product expertise with the latest technology and creative, customised service support

Our digital aerials are benchmarked and compliant to the CAI standards, and can be installed to improve the quality of reception for your home television viewing.

A digital tv aerial can be used together with a digital freeview receiver, providing a greater tv channel line up and choice of programmes to watch, all completely free of any monthly subscriptions.

All aerial installations are carried out by experienced and local aerial installers, and furthermore, backed by guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our service.

We can provide a free written estimate on site for any new TV aerials & Radio aerials on a same or next day basis.

To arrange for one of our fully trained and qualified engineers to visit your property in contact us via the number above or book online.

Do you search for the most reliable company that offers TV aerials installation? If so, then you will surely find this website helpful. Here, you will find a reliable and credible company that provides you with excellent TV aerial installation.

Get My TV Sorted is here to help you improve your television viewing experience. Feel free to read on below to know more about the services offered by this company.

Get My TV Sorted provide professional TV aerial installations with a range of high end digital TV aerials, and DAB Digital Radio Aerials. We give our promise that no other company can match us on Quality, Price and Service.